Ungerade V7 The Complete Revamp


I'm using a camera on a phone I got recently. I'm still not quite used to it so picture.

The feet are place holders until I find something better.

The one shoulder is gunmetal due to lack of parts, not intentionally.

So I know It's different from the last version but I just didn't have inspiration for the old design anymore, so here it is:

Jet Mode:

Ungerade is now a bioformer.

It's a bit gappy sadly.

Robot Mode

From behind.

The chest plate can detach.

To form a sting ray-ish shuttle.


What's up with the tiny babu arms?

Now that I look at it, the torso is a little squashed as well.

I rather like the color scheme though.


I don't know why I do it but I've noticed recently that if I'm building anything other than legs I tend to make them as small as possible. I'm going to have to try to stop doing that :stuck_out_tongue:


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Them legs need to be shortened ASAP. Either that or the arms and torso gotta get bigger. Then we can talk :eyes:


Aside from the arms being short, im not too sure about the head stick up much, but everything else is built well.

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Proportions are a bit off but at least its jet mode looks cool

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Besides the stubby arms, I like this a lot, the chest plane being a neat addition. It's very fitting that your self MOC would be able to transform, something I'm surprised prior version weren't able to do.

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A pretty neat MOC. Good job.

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I am with Ek, the legs are too long, the arms are way too small and the torso is too short. Looks pretty neat, however the glaring flaws distract from the great pros.

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His drill will pierce the heavens
I like this


Dang it you beat me to it!


Pretty cool idea. Reminds me of Transformers.

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The color scheme on this is pretty good. Nice job

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