Ungerade Wielder of the Strength Key Version 6

So it's been awhile since I've posted my SlefMOC, mainly because it's been in multiple pieces for awhile now...

Anyways it's finally back and better then ever.

Sorry about the blurry pictures, I don't have a tripod for the camera I'm using.


Oh boy this dude went from normal to XL edition.

There's a really short neck, or lack thereof. Other than that, it's pretty decent.

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dude, your self moc gets more and more massive everytime you revamp him, he's gonna end up being the size of an island at some point XD


I don't like how the limbs turn out, but the mid section is fine.

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This guy just keeps getting cooler and cooler with every version.

I like the way you integrated the IFB chair-things, as well as the look of the wrist thing-a-ma-jig.

Really all I can suggest is give him a slightly longer neck (the addition of a CCBS friction-joint would solve this quickly) and something to put on the right arm when he's not using the drill.

Also, nice sword, as always.

The reasoning is because I'm quite tall in real life.

I'll probably try adding another friction extender.

What don't you like in particularly

He still has the "key hand"


He's more system now, than constraction...


This has the strangest color scheme I have ever seen... but I like it anyways.

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He's got some slick new threads.

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That's a new one.

Super Buzz Lightyear?


Shoulders look a little cluttered, but nice update on the whole.

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This guy reminds me of my Makuta Ivness MOC and somewhat my self MOC's evolution somehow...

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I realy love the hints of blue, just enough and not too much is used...

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This MOC is very well built!

First Words


This MOC has absolutely nothing to do Gurren Laggan...

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I am unfamiliar with the source material, but perhaps it simply reminds him of some memorable part of that franchise...


I-I don't get it...

It's anime

that's all you need to know

now back on topic


I got to admit this looks great.
The black parts though look out of place.

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