Unit 43

Unit 43
Current Owner: Cromwell Lumber, Inc
Designation: Unit 43
Product Number: 4-LMBR-34-R
Designated Planet: Soruliv, R-Class Planet
Task: Harvest Sectors 14 - 16
Operator: Charles Archer

"The 4-LMBR-34-R (LuMBeR) is a state of the art, fully automated logging robot, capable of clearing up to 200 acres a cycle. There are a variety of arm configurations which can be equipped, but the standard setup includes a Cratech Chainsaw, which can handle trees up to 2 meters wide, and a hydraulic claw for handling and transport. On top of that, our top-of-the-line targeting system allows the machine to accurately handle and cut fresh lumber. The ion batteries last for a whole 24 hours, with just an 8-hour recharge period. When it comes to safety, we don’t slack. A biological scanner is implemented directly into the system so that if any sentient beings are detected it will switch into standby mode.

If you wanna log the galaxy right, do it with Karma Robotics."

~excerpt from the Karma Robotics product description~

(made for the Brickset character building competition)
(also, big thanks to Grant Davis for helping me improve my photography; he also did the final edit)


Great job with this! I love the chainsaw, it looks very realistic, and the yellow works pretty nice. Wow, nice usage of the lion speedorz armor!

This looks great! You’ve nailed the mechanical side of this and the chainsaw looks quite realistic.

Darn that shaping

This is amazing! Looks like XT4’s two-armed father or something.

don’t let dr wily hack it!

either XT4’s prototype or the model that replaced XT4 on the production line.

@ReeseEH just out of curiosity, did you at any point in this figure’s creation try or plan to give it four arms? It’s just that this figure has a close similarity to XT4 so i am just wondering.

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The similarity to XT4 wasn’t intentional; I guess I was just unconsciously inspired by that set. So no, he was always planned for just two arms.


Maybe it’s something that you could try to add if there is another figure in your Unit series.

also, this figure reminds me of another robot that worked with cutting down trees:

Uber-Bot 888 from Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier.

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Pulls off the robotic/mechanic look really good

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absolutely fantastic

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