Unit 54W: Metal-Toothed Madness

So, I’ve sorta been out of the MOCing phase for a bit. I figured I’d come back with another robot. This one, however, is not a part of the Scout Series. This is its own thing completely.
I’m not sure I would call this my best MOC, considering I hold MOCs like Kolk and others over this, but it’s definitely different.
The main experiment with this, was to work at an angle. The base axle isn’t a + like in usual building, it’s angled like an x. This made building the torso a whole new beast in and of itself.

Also, PS, that crotch design isn’t mine, it was originally by my friend Lord Oblivion.

Front shot

Back shot. Not much going on back here.

Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3 (with saws behind back)

Feels good to post again.

I hope you guys enjoy this. C&C wanted and appreciated! ^^


This is my New favorite robot by you.

There is nothing I don’t like about it.

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I really like those feet! Great use of those awkward bohrok gears.


I’ve always wanted to do this but always failed. Great job

XT4’s exceptionally better cousin.

This is fantastic! I’m looking over ir trying to find something to complain about but just can’t.

Also, I fully agree with @Gringat, those feet are brilliant.

Reminds me of XT4, though it’s even better!

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A very well put together robot. Don’t see teeth on it really, but I know what you mean.

##Thank you guys! I appreciate the comments and thoughts ^^

##I hadn’t thought of this while building it. I honestly forget XT4 existed most of the time :laughing: Thanks guys! ^^

##The “teeth” part is, essentially, referencing the saws. The blades could be seen as “teeth” in some way. Also, I just wanted a cool sounding name, so why not :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for the comment!