Unity: A Poem

On a mystical island
with golden shores
and crashing waves
and majestic mountains
there was no more hope

For thousands of years its people had waited
for heroes to save them
warriors to defeat their foes
but the help had not come
neither had the threat ceased

The dark reign of Makuta had spread over the place
like a puddle in a storm
slowly but surely his shadow crept
and he seduced the rahi beasts under his domain

But one Matoran kept his hope
the childish Takua
and one day,
upon the golden shores
heroes awoke, their destiny
a mystery

Their quest was clear
discover the mighty masks and reclaim the island
but never can such things stay so clear

For the crystal in mud is transparent no more
And the rain splattered window lies
for evil lurks in the shadows and
spreads its evil talons

The six fought on against the darkness
through tundra and desert alike
til their journey was over
the masks found
and the crystal a little less muddy

At the Kini-Nui they met
they formed a battle plan
and the hopeful Takua led his people
as the Toa descended
The Kaita were formed
powerful beings from legends forgotten
Akamai and Wairuhai
Valor and Wisdom
Good combined

The dreaded Manas were defeated, and the end was now in sight
for in a dark, deep dungeon
the master of madness lied

And the six
a band of weathered veterans
found him there

A sadistic mockery of the Matoran form
black and brown
a king of cunning

They each lept
axe, hook, boot, flame, sword,
and claw

And each tumbled to the ground
for rarely is evil defeated so easily

But Makuta didn’t count on one thing
the one thing he could never possess
loyalty, faith,
and unity

For alone they were weak
but together they were strong
a string against a rope

Makuta was defeated,
and the light returned
but what happened then
in that dungeon
touched millions

For while the story of the Toa is not true
the story of their unity lives on
if only we could see that we are something more
then perhaps
we would be whole


That was great. 11/10

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Thanks! I have a creative writing class, and we're doing a whole term on poetry, so this was a sort of 'prep' if you will.

Such a beautiful poem! I like it!


Will we also have Duty and Destiny?

I dunno.


that was really well written

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Holy cow this was good! You are a great writer!


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No words can describe how cool this is.

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Nice job there, I like it.

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reads like a klingon battle song. 4/1



In an era long gone by
a sprawling city paradise
flooded with inhabitants and friendship
rose from a sea of protodermis as
its beams and towers gleamed in the urban sun

Sparkling chutes and a perfect society
ruled over by a wise leader
protected by the robotic Vahki
or so they thought

One by one, a team of powerful toa
was being destroyed
til all but one were dead

Lhikan, the brave toa of fire,
in a desperate attempt to save the city
gave six toa stones to the city dwelling matoran

The humble Nokama
The nervous Vakama
The proud Onewa
The wise Nuju
The confident Matau
The intelligent Whenua
all received these stones

When Lhikan gave the last of the stones to Vakama
he was taken away
the last rays of hope were the six matoran

They met at an ancient and beloved temple
they placed their stones into a shrine
and became the mighty Toa Metru

But the imposter leader of the city
would not stand for such things
he claimed that the six new toa
were fakes

At his test they failed
the corrupted Vahki took them away
whilst Nokama, Matau, and Vakama flew
from their embarrassment

Whenua, Nuju, and Matau
learned perseverance from a saged being
who proved to be Lhikan

Matau, Vakama, and Nokama
gained hope during their travels

Once the team rejoined
the city’s leader was found to be
the evil Makuta
who had encased the Matoran inside of death-like sleep
and planned to do the same for his brother
the final ingredient to his recipe of evil was the Vahi, powerful mask of time

Vakama, the mask maker
used the mask, giving him extra time to distract the Makuta
however, not every attempt we make
ends in success

Mata-Nui was thrust into a deep slumber
and all hope seemed lost

But the toa taught us a lesson
even when all hope is lost
keep going
fight until the very last drop of blood

With one last burst of energy,
they encased Makuta inside of a cage made of glass

Every day that we walk this earth
people try to stop us from doing so
what the toa taught was that there is a duty we must fulfill
fulfill it, my friends, no matter what
for the joy in this
is the greatest in life


This is pretty great, but I find one thing funny:

So they both have Smaricle Particlez.

I'm guessing Destiny will be about Matoro and such, but wadda 'bout '08-'10?

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'08-'10 will be called 'Moving On', and won't focus on story as much as the feeling of growing up and leaving things behind.


That sounds great. :smile:

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Get the tissues ready mang.
'Cus this is gonna make 'Memories Made' seem like weaksauce.

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that was pretty gud man

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The end was near

Mata-Nui dying
the toa losing
time running out

The Mahri had proved valiant
they had fought at the depths of the ocean to save those they loved
but there was one apart

Matoro, a former matoran of ice
translator for the great Nuju
had fallen into a drepression

He felt he was nothing compared to the brave Jaller
he had never defended his people
he was but a scholar
more at home in a study
than a battlefield

Makuta knew this
and whispered threats in his ear

Matoro was nothing it seemed
a weak loner doomed for unhappiness

But the wise Jaller thought not

For he gave Matoro the Ignika
mask of life
key to the resurrection of Mata-Nui
the savior of the universe

in a moment of supreme epiphany
realized his destiny

He ordered the others to hold of the Barraki
Jaller fought on with all his heart as his friend
plummeted to the bottom of the ocean

His mind raced at a thousand miles an hour
the eyes of the mask stared back into his
I doubt not that he had second thoughts
but he did it

The mask’s full power surged on his body
he felt himself become lost
he gave his last breath
before he sent his friends back to Metru-Nui

Matoro had sacrificed himself beyond repair
he would never return reincarnated
he was gone forever

His destiny was fulfilled
and while he would never see it
a solitary statue rose high above the ground in Metru-Nui
displaying a hero
bearing a Volitak
and two claws stretching from his hand

His people mourned
but the turaga brought forth words of wisdom

Matoro was never worth nothing
none of us are
his destiny was to save the Great Spirit
to bring peace
and ours is much the same

Follow your own destiny
Become who you chose to be
You may have the skill
You may have the tools
But it’s what you do with it that makes you a hero


I think this one was the best yet, Challa... I loved it.

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That was great. Good job.

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