Unknown, the conqueror

Unknown is skull-soldier that appeared out of nowhere. He is small and not very strong but smart, therefore he managed to get hold of the mask of creation, wich lead to a mutation of his body and granted hin many new abilites. With his new power unknown tries to take over the Island of Okoto


Welcome to the boards good sir!
The moc and concept are interesting, if a bit simple.

Thank you! I know it’s very simplistic, but with very limited pieces it is a hard time for me building anything at all…

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I actually quite like it for a simplistic/tablescrap build! Nice job and idea!

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He looks so cute! I like the simplistic CCBS approach you went for. :slight_smile:

I find myself liking this little guy. He has a lot of character, and the pieces you chose fit in with the skull theme, particularly well with warrior. It’s most likely the limbs, though the horns on the head are appropriate as well. The proportions are for the most part perfect, the only exception being the legs, and how the thighs are shorter than the shins. Were you to swap the thigh pieces and use them for the lower legs, and the lower legs for the upper legs, you’d have more realistic proportions and (I think) a better looking figure.

Thank all of you for excepting my scrapbuilds and the great feedback !

This little guy is pretty nice!