Unnamed Gundam-esque Mech

So for awhile now I've wanted to build some kind of Gundam-esque mech. But having never watched anything Gundam related, and having no idea which one to make, I made my own.


The head design is a modified version of IXrolloutIX's.

He has thrusters along his back.

Two extra thrusters can flip out from his shoulder pads.

Because of the shoulder pads the arms can't spread, to fix this the joint they're on slides out.

Allowing the arms to raise.

Or bend inwards towards his chest.

Two handing his rifle.

With his shield.

Mid air kick.

His two accessories.

Pretty happy with how this MOC turned out. Might make more mech's soon, though not sure yet.


It's always nice to see something so detailed and still be small. I like it.

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Can it pilot a minfig? Also, i like it

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This is quite remarkable. It's small, but looks pleasing from every angle and makes great use of parts.

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Really like how simple yet cool looking this is.


I feel like this is too skinny in some places. it feels fragile, if you get what I'm saying. Still pretty cool though.


The face reminds me of a lion, for some reason.

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Holy carp! This is cool.

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I like the syle

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Yo, this guy looks so cool. I've always wanted to get into Lego mech building but stuff like this is much more complex then Bionicle mocs most of the time. Great colour scheme, amazingly cool design and I love the gun and shield. Super, super cool. Good job.

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Wicked. A lot of MOCs of this type look very bulky and blocky, which is fine. But yours looks much more humanoid than I usually see with system parts. You've done great work here dude.

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Nice MOC, I like all the details on this MOC.

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Very noice! I like the elbow thrusters. (flashbacks to “elbow rocket punch”)

The gun has a simple, yet compact design.

I like how you solved the problem with the shoulders by making them extend outwards.

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