Unnamed Mecha (Mother ship)

So the third in my series of Mcha is here, This time it transforms into a Mother ship / Battle ship / Really big spaceship

The Mother ship has four canons, and two “cocpits” the rear bridge, and the front bubble.

From behind.

But of course, this space ship becomes a robot.

A robot with Thruster shoulders.

Gun arms.

And a cape

With the other mechs.

Next to Super Mode.
The Captains Cruiser can detatch

Which is actually the first step to start combining.

The Mecha ready to combine.

Super Mode ready to combine.

Combined with the others in God Mode.

I gave the mech a Gundam esc Lightsaber, and the two wingblades combine with to form a shield blade.

From behind.


I know nothing about Gundams or Transformers, but it looks snazzy. I’m impressed!


Pure awesomeness. I love all the combination features!!!

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###Tri Gattai!


not half bad. but, i think you need to de-bulk the torso, 'cause the thighs seems a little too small.