Unnamed MOC

This is the first bionicle I built with a gear function. Its supposed to have bulks wolf helmet but I dont have it. C&c appreciated

Gear function https://youtu.be/5BR7ZPF9jS8


The arms are a little short, but everything else looks pretty good.

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Torso looks very blocky and unnatural. Iā€™m fine with everything else however. Good work.

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My main problem is that the Technic arms that are part of the gear function make the torso look kinda blocky

I think the torso shell looks odd with the lift arm on the side
I do like the upper leg armor and the wing function

Seems a bit stumpy but I do enjoy it overall.

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I would send you the bulk wolf head piece if I could lol

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That would be amazing I might just brick link it though