Unnamed Rahi Beast (CCBS MOC Test)

Basically, I was just fooling around with the CCBS build and then I had a thought. A lot of people are on the fence of CCBS calling it (not complex) enough. I honestly doesn't think that really true, there's a lot of cool stuff you can make with it, I just think it's the lack of trying. So I decided to do a CCBS that not only came from 1 set, but also, only used post CCBS parts. So here it is, an unnamed Rahi.

I know what you're going to say, it can be done better. Oh trust me, I think so too. But I wanted to restrict myself to mostly CCBS and, while it may not be exactly 'complex' I still consider it 'creative' as this was just using frames and armor.

What mostly got me into doing this design was the body, I just randomly snapped a bunch on parts together, and I can see some weird, disfigured creature forming.

Back view, love the very back of it, simple, but I like it.

Hello Mr. Rahi.

Here's his arm. It's very.... VERY basic.

Overall is it complex...... ok no not really, it's very basic. However, I feel it's somewhat imaginative. I mean this is pretty much the frame, just like a titan set uses beams. And again, this was just using post CCBS parts from one set. Yes it can be better but honestly I did this very quickly.

The point is, the Lego parts known as CCBS can work wonders, if I just did this from a basic set, imagine what I can do with the CCBS build and some more parts. (Sounds like it counter acts itself, doesn't it.)

So here's what I want you guys to do. Take either 1 or more set that uses the CCBS building style, again, doesn't have to be just one set, and try to come up with something primarily using post CCBS parts. Love to see what you guys do.


I feel like it isn't necessarily CCBS that's too simplistic. It's just the way Lego uses it.


Just trying to help out. Considering how so many see it as too simple even with Moc's. In a way it is necessary.

Did I come off as mean or something? You sound a bit defensive. I was just throwing in my two cents on the system. The MOC looks fine as a frame, by the way.

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Sorry, having a rough time with peoples of the interwebens. LoLz.

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That's the difficulty with forums... in text, it is difficult if not in possible to read a person's mood or intent. When I talk to people in real life, I tend to be rather sarcastic, which makes it seem like I'm rather disrespectful or downright rude on forums and such. I guess it's rather ironic that in text, it is far more difficult to 'read between the lines' than in speech. smile

On topic though, I really like this MOC. Yes, it's very simple, and could certainly use some detail, but in that sense it also leaves plenty up to the imagination. I love the end of the tail, which seems to be some sort of heavy club and, because of the way the armor plates are arraigned, actually looks the part. Considering these are all pieces from one set, the fact that there is nothing obviously missing besides some shoulder armor is quite impressive. Very good use of the pieces available.

I've just bought my first CCBS sets yesterday, since Hero Factory stuff was on sale at Wal-Mart, and I'm quite looking forward to making use of the new pieces. Of course, it'll be a lot better when the new Bionicles arrive...


I think that's great mate. A nice wirery (?) frame decent armor coverage.

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I'd be interested to see what can be done to add armor to this....