Unnamed titan moc

So this is a build that was supposed to be in the moc dump but, due to minor issues, was left out. I didn’t feel like editing that topic and felt it a bit more appropriate to give him his own topic.

Comments and critiques are appreciated as always!
On a side note, I won’t be able to provide more pictures if need be since I am planning on scrapping him for parts shortly after posting this, sorry.


Nice moc. My only complaint is that there is only trans blue in the torso. Some more for accents would look nice.

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I thought the moc had golden pants at first.


This titan has some stuff going on, I don’t like the skinny arms and the lower legs is fairly bulky despite looking half-hazard in some view.

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I have no names for the MOC but I gotta say this looks nice!

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that head is glorious, howd you get it?

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Oh, it’s rather simple actually. It’s a normal G2 head, the face turned upwards, the beast jaw attached with those pieces on the side of the head and a pin-axle and pin-double length axle (those half axle stopper pieces to cover up the open axles) and a 1x2 technic piece filling the inside. The skull spider mask with two exo-force arms tops of the whole thing. I hope that was helpful enough.