Unnamed Toa of Fire

Not really much story to this one, just wanted to prototype some stuff and get feedback before I make an upgrade, so you can call this a WIP of sorts even though its technically a complete MOC.

I could have done the back better.

Combat wise she would use the Kakama to essentially “blink” from place to place and hit the opponent with those fire claws.
I’ve been playing too much overwatch she’s basically tracer… Though I’d say she’s more like a RWBY character.

She doesn’t have gorilla arms instead the claws are detachable.
And I should probably make the claws silver.


So give me feed back! what do you like what do you dislike what do you think I should work on?
For the next version I’m probably going to add more red and maybe order a red Kakama.

Curse you…


She looks really cool. I especially like ther claw arms.

Nop! they be claws!

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This is pretty neat, I love that arm design, it reminds me of the design I used for my SB revamp

(Not like I totally forgot to mention I built opon your design.)

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Doesn’t really seem pull of a ‘Toa of Fire’ vibe for me. Nonetheless, it still looks cool.

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I really like those arms


This is a really cool design. They only thing I can think of as improvement would be maybe add some muscle to the top. This moc looks really bottom heavy with the thicker legs and claws. Seems like the bottom half of the moc is going to drag down the top half to me. Personally doesn’t look like a toa of fire to me. But I do get fire from the aesthetic, maybe if it was some kind of mutated toa of fire? Like say a toa of ash or a toa of cinder. I think that would be cool.


Assuming you weren’t going for standard proportions, this is very nice. The color-scheme is diverse enough from the norm to actually interest me.

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Do you mean color scheme wise or build?

Thats what I’m going for, though not in element, I don’t see how a Toa of cinder is different than fire, or how ash works at all.

I mean color scheme wise. With all the black it looks like he is completely chard. I didn’t mean a toa of ash or a toa in cinder as the character actually control’s those elements. It would mainly be just a title, since it’s a toa of fire been mutated by shadow and no longer a bright courageous flame. Kind of how takanuva called himself a toa of twilight even though technically he was a toa of light and shadow.

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SHE and I get it, even though black is a secondary color for fire its the primary here, the new iteration will have less black.

Thats a really nice idea thanks for that.

The only problem i have is the out-of-proportion arms, but other than that, nice job

What do you mean?

When she has the claws on, the arms look a bit too long for me

That was the intention I guess, the fact that they’re black doesn’t help though.

Good, better than what I’ve done in the past.
I don’t have any problems with this.

Welcome to my world.

Anyway this is kinda cute. When you use exclusively those two colors, it looks really nice too.

Big fan of the colour scheme here, really looks like magma in a way which is something ive wanted to try myself at some point, who knows maybe i still will :stuck_out_tongue: also i gotta congratulate you on using those protector feet pieces as ‘hands’ whilst not making the socket joint stand out like a sore thumb.

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I love the look, I don’t think people realize that, technically, fire has black parts.
(Heck, you could make a blue and red Toa of Fire)

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