Unnamed, unarmed, and unmasked MOC. Any suggestions?

The title says it all. Could you guys possibly suggest a good name, weapon, and mask for this MOC?

If you can, that’d be REALLY helpful! Thanks!


Kanohi Huna,
A double bladed staff (blades on both ends),
And I’d like to see a personality before I give a name.


I’m considering a “Sarcastic Gunslinger” sorta vibe, thanks!



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I can see it now: Dicapu: the Raider!

Hm, maybe a melded Metru red and silver Ruru for the mask, and maybe dual pistols for weapons.

I would do a Great Huna, Some kind of pistol weaponry and call him Strash!!! Bam your mind bits are on the wall now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It looks very much like @Cordak_the_Last_Makuta 's Self-Moc.

Seems like a very strong guy with all that upper body armor. Maybe a blunt weapons to crash his way through walls when raiding; keeping his pistol handy for long range.

I think this guys needs a @RedHuna101 on his face with photoshopping skills and all.


so either a Noble/Great Huna, Metru Ruru or some other metru-red mask.

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You could try the adaptive armor Hau to change it up while maintaining the color consistency, or a Jutlin but a Toa wouldn’t usually wear that (unless yours is a rebel?).

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Actually like how you used the Inika torso.

Put just about any metru red mask on him, or you could just take the better route and paint a mask metru red.

I can’t find that right now, but I did consider it before! :smile:

And @SwagMeister… I…didn’t use one…

why don’t you try a metru hau. He needs some sort of gun pistol or rifle. Maybe you should call him remus

forget I ever said that

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Tumaster, .44 magnum, Huna.

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Thanks, but it’s been long decided! Just search Ariki and it should come up! :smile:

Well, I did suggest that two months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, wow! That just popped up before! :stuck_out_tongue: