(Unnamed) Widow Sisters

name and critique plz

Don't have names for the characters, but I got stories

They're both girls BTW

The Vorox, one of a few slightly smarter than usual Vorox, was abandoned by her tribe, while the Skrall woman eventually left the insane clan of The Sister Skrall. Now stuck together, this band of former wives intend to survive in the new age brought by Bara Magna's recreation...

don't know why i added silver or unusual heads on them btw


zeska is the better one
skralla is meh looks too thin and them feet are the worst


They both look pretty good, although the HF feet on the skrall is a bit off-putting.


Not really to big on the skrall, but I like the look of the female Vorox.

As for names, the Vorox should be Kopiona and the Skrall should be Easeas

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I really like the vorox it just looks amazing as for the skrall it looks a bit to thin.

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Reminds me of when I made a female Vorox & Skrall MOC... among others. These look quite good, although I agree that the feet of the skrall don't work all that well. The custom torsos in particular are nicely done, if a little... clunky.

Their names should be Asheratan and Drashersa.

The Vorox is my favorite. Where did you get the brown piraka feet?

The Skrall is pretty cool. Not quite sure how I feel about the CCBS feet, but I think it works.

These are really cool, I love them. I think the brown one should be Veskas, and the Black one Eskrell. :smile:

The piraka feat came from that one Ogre-thing from HF. Had Avak Brown and some metru green

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Why do these seem so familiar...?

maybe I posted them before



You're JMP.

I didn't recognize people with the Halloween Username and Avatar changes.


I haven't changed a bit


Thought I recalled not recognizing the name of the topic creator.

...I blame being sleepy.

I got to admit this looks great.
But the trans-blue eyes on the Vorox looks out of place and the Skrall's feet look strange.