Unnamed Xenomorph Inspired moc

I’ll probably change it’s head and hands in the future, because they are a bit weird and goofy, especially the head.

An ancient parasitic like creature that wiped out almost all life on the planet (spoiler), causing the planets naive species to flee on spaceships to a New world. These things are biomechanicle in nature, leading scientists to believe an unknown civilization created them. They bear similarities to other species of their world, meaning that they might be some kind of mutant creature. It’s kind have green, vine like toungs, capible of sucking the fluids out of their prey, and implanting a virus that turns them into a a sort of half blood version of their spicies.
They’re heads have ear like sensors resembling that of a hammer head sharks head, able to send out sonar signals for echo location and mapping out areas. Each one of these things are powerful warriors, able to carry at most 10 to 14 tons.

I hope you enjoy the moc!


This is a pretty cool MOC! But doesn’t it have any eyes?

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Yeah, depending on how you look at it

Neato. I love the long spindly look. I think some white bars would work as eyes if you want them. That being said, it works without eyes. Constructive criticism: I would experiment with different hands
I prefer this guy to the neomorphs from alien covenant

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Haha!!! Thanks for the complements