Unofficial heavy metal/metal/alt metal/rock/hard rock disscusssion topic

Love it or hate it, rock and metal are going to be around forever. Most of you are older than me, but in my young years I have a pretty large range of knowledge and enjoyment from most of the genre's listed. (yea, my parents are pretty kewl, better than the average set wink) My fav band of al time is....Linkin Park! "but wait, they're not heavy metal?" I feel that they are the starter pack for metal in general, as they are alternative metal/ hard rock. they get you going, the you start branching out into other things (korn, slipknot, etc.) So enough of me rambling, argue, fight, do circle pits, discuss, or do what ever you people do!


Changed title from official to unofficial.

I really like rock music as long as it's not too hard, so not so much metal/heavy metal .

I like Linkin Park and Green Day. Oh and Halestorm

Also not related to the topic, i already made a topic that is 95% similar to what you are talking about, here's the link:

But yea those are my faves.

sorry dude. I always end up having the same topic as someone else...