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unpopular opinion: UCS sets are ugly


In what sense?

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In the ugly sense.


Here is my recent one:
IMO the flash-back years were not pointless or a complete waste of time (“winks”) as some people like to view them nowadays in the fandom.
They maybe could have been started a bit earlier (in late 2003 instead of '04, so we could have skipped the Bohrok Kal saga for good.) plus, the last half could’ve been handled a bit better NGL. (2005)
However, I’m still on the side that they were pretty neat years in G1.
They had some flaws, but overall they had plenty of merits to recognize.


Velika is a stupid character who is overpowered.


Should I? Why not… Bionicle oriented:

  1. Metru build is grossly overrated and I am sick of the “characters being redesigned in Metru style” fetish.
  2. There is no such thing as an Inika build except for the original Inika. Everything that came after is a non-clone set mixed piece custom build, and anyone calling it Inika build is just looking for excuses to feed the hivemind paradigm.
  3. Some of the prototype ideas are way better than the final product.
  4. Bohrok Kal saga was one of the best story arcs and it is heavily underrated.
  5. Lego stickers are pure evil and should never had entered G2.

you’ve got some real unpopular opinions there, that’s for certain


I agree with the first two. I kinda thought people would be tired of the metru build after the hagah contest coming onto the Tuyet fanon contest but I guess not. I wouldn’t even call it the “inika build” because the piraka came first


I think it’s because it’s the only canister-style base build that has both proportionality and poseability.

How do you figure that? All those other sets use the exact same torso/hip combo and pull from the same pool of prefab limb parts.

How else would you define the Inika build?


Those first two are certainly controversial.

  1. I agree the Metru build is overused, but not so overrated. It’s a great looking simple design, but people have abused it and taken away much of the creative options. A lot of them are too simple, and honestly unattractive.

  2. I don’t see your point here at all. The Inika build is a broad category, and to me is not about the exact pieces and proportions, but the lack of innate function, instead optimizing articulation. If it was really a mixed piece build, then I think we’d see more gear functions, as we saw extremely few of those after 05. That to me is the separation point


sometimes bionicle fans post stuff like “MeTrU bUiLd Is CrInGe” just for the sake of being controversial and not because they actually dislike a building style

I didn’t post it “just to be controverial”, but I don’t dislike it by itself either. I started to dislike it because it’s so overused and overrated.

This sounds quite close to my view.

Well that’s the thing, they don’t. Are there some sets that come close to Inika? Sure. But almost all of the post Inika canister sets use parts from all the previous years, not just the Inika wave - from Mata, Metru, Hordika, Piraka, Inika + new parts. A much more accurate term would be a free build.
It marks the end of the standard clone set trend.


Following this logic, would you not classify the Toa Hagah as Metru builds?


Borderline. They were the most diversified canister sets at the time. They are metru builds as per the canon contest definition - however the fact that the definition took so long to establish and ultimately includes only the parts used for the metru torso kind of prooves my point.

Are you saying that Inika builds must only use the exact pieces used on the six Toa Inika sets? Where do you draw the line at which pieces are allowed? Nuparu Inika uses a bunch of Technic parts to attach his Zamor Launcher, and Hewkii has his chain; does that means that those sets aren’t “Inika builds”?

Ultimately, I can’t agree with that definition; to me, the “Inika build” is defined by the exclusive use of any “prefab” limb piece paired with the Inika-style torso, of which there are two versions.

Now, granted, some of the later sets did use parts and techniques that go beyond the basic Inika build, such as the boosters on the 2008 Toa sets, or Hahli Mahri’s wings. Even then, though, every single one of those sets used those techniques on top of the same prefab torso parts with the same prefab limb pieces. I’d be willing to classify them as “augmented Inika builds”, but there’s no way that they could be considered completely original designs.


Wouldn’t Hahli Mahri be a Piraka build and not Inika build, as she uses a Piraka torso?

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I thought they were both lumped together under “Inika build” since they’re very similar pieces with the exact same function. That’s exactly what I mean about the “Inika build” not necessarily being limited to the exact group of pieces used in the six Toa Inika sets.

(Yes, I know the Piraka came first, but I’ve never heard anyone describe a build as a “Piraka build”)


Well here’s my unpopular opinion: ninjago has been going long enough and should be canceled by now


not very unpopular on these boards

in fact I’d say liking ninjago is an unpopular opinion around here


dareth is overrated

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