Unpopular Opinions about Movies (and Television Shows)

It was nothing special and absolutely bland with blatant product placement sprinkled throughout that didn’t even improve the story or make it worthwhile along with reinforcing all the things it tried not to do.


I think Rescue Bots is one of the best TF shows in the franchise. It just has the unfortunate fact that it's intended to be the "little kids show" so people constantly shrug it off or underestimate it before giving it a chance.


Having watched a sizable amount of it with my younger siblings, I can confirm. The characters overall are very likeable, and while the plots usually aren't super deep and lack the action of Transformers Prime, it's still pretty enjoyable.


I preferred Agent Carter to what I’ve seen of Agents of SHIELD

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I wrote it off until I saw that they actually aged up their characters. Animated shows that show characters growing up automatically means they've got something special to them, imo. The five seasons or so seem a little daunting to get into, but I'm glad they did something with it and didn't make it a generic non-violent kids show.

Disney+ please save this show...


I loved this show! I am not sure if it still airs in Minimax or not, but I loved it.

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What sucks is I doubt we’ll get Disney+ (minor, still living with the fam) honestly I’d almost rather have it than Netflix

I mean isn't ABC owned by Disney? They can easily just make a call and done! Agent Carter on Disney Plus.


Cancel Disney Plus and free the Clone Wars


Oh, have those been released?

I don’t think so, I just know Season 7 of Clone Wars and that Cassian Andor will be on that instead of Netflix, and therefore I want Disney + to utterly fail.

Is this an unpopular opinion?

Probably not.


That's kinda sad, since I watch most of my shows in Netflix.

Nah; I don't think so. It's just a nuisance that so many things are going to be on a new streaming platform instead of one we already have.

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I've dumped Netflix and I say you would too. Theres nothing on there you cant find elsewhere other than exclusives, which are predominantly TV-MA rated transpires with a few special exceptions. Also, to all who say Disney+ will fail, Disney is desirea nothing more than to dominate streaming, so they are going to put their all into this service. If anything, they're going to try run Netflix out of business. (Unlikely but still the goal.)

Stranger Things makes Netflix worth it in general.

Anyways, seeing as I don’t have cable, I use Netflix for Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Agents of SHIELD (Wait a second, those sound similar for some reason...). My entire family shares it, and I’d have to convince all of them to switch to Disney+. Besides, anything Disney makes besides Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars I can live without, and sometimes would rather live without.

I’m also worried that by paying for Disney+, I’d be sending a message to every other studio that they should also do this, and we may soon have “DLC”s for television, which I don’t think anyone wants.

I don’t know whether or not Disney+ does succeed, but I for one sure hope it doesn’t.

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Well, now that Disney owns fox, theyrr getting very Fox movie ever made, so theyre putting those on there. Also, yeah, I had mentioned a dew exceptions, th DC and Stranger Things shows being a few of these. But I will mention, the Disney+ service will be cheaper than Netflix according to Disney higher-ups. Around 6-10 dollars a month.

Speaking of Disney, Hercules is probably my least favorite one. Also the sequels that were made in the early 2000's to some of those movies are not really as bad and forgettable as people say.

I don’t like Hercules either. It’s funny but overall makes you feel like you’re getting dumber just watching it imo.

I didn’t like inside out tbh. It had a nice concept but just didn’t go well

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I hate Frozen.


I don't hate it, but I don't think it was really that great. I do hate Moana, however.

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