Unused Stop Motion Clip

All of it was done in one day. Was never used because of drop in quality by the app. And because of Auto -focus was being annoying.

Link to the MOC that was used in the video for those who are interested: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/moc-lobo-the-wolf-king-ccbs-build-updated/11289/21


Pretty decent for what you had to work with. Get the camera issues fixed and you have a future :stuck_out_tongue:

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I actually kinda like this. The end was a little jittery, but apart from that good job.

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I really rather like this.

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Flows rather nicely, although the camera quality…

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It was mainly because of this:

It’s a poor man’s camera holder. It was made with my younger brother’s shoe box. I would put my phone into it to get the pictures needed for the video. So every time I tap on the screen to take the picture it moves it a bit, creating the shakey camera. Not to mention I rushed at the end.


Why am I reminded of that scene from Frozen where Elsa makes a new dress?


The overall video is pretty cool, but shaky at times. I would recommend getting a cheap tripod, I got one for 10 dollars :smile:

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