Unusual sets/knockoffs

As the title says, here you can post any unusual sets or knockoffs that you come across in your time.
I'll start off withsome unusual dinosaur minifig's that I found while put in town. I haven't seen these ones before, and I found them really interesting:

As you can see from this (horribly taken) photo, it is a tiny dinosaur, but with set-accurate painting. As well as this one, I also saw a mini Indominus (raptor size) and a mini Rex (also raptor sized) with comically large arms & head. (I didn't get them though, as they were £10 each).

There is already a knockoff discussion: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/knockoffs-discussion/769

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Well this is a little awkward then isn't it?


Yeah, I'm gonna have to close this one down. Feel free to post in the topic TFM provided though! :smile: