Up a Tree [a MOC Comic]

“W-wait hold up… we’ve been climbing for hours… and you still haven’t entirely told me why”

"Because a tree seemed like a good place to find a Toa of the Jungle"

“… And we’re climbing this tree in particular… why?”

"…It was the biggest tree on the island!"

“… I’m going to hit you”

[[This is silly but yes I am slowly building a toa team]]


Nice! Can’t wait to see more of these. I don’t recognize the big fellow there, is he a recent MOC of yours?

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Well more will come as I build more.

And no the big one is actually the first MOC I posted here, a Toa of Magnetism

So this must be a mix of both gens since a Toa of Magnetism helping look for a Toa of jungle

Mainly just because I had forgotten the G1 term, though to be fair Toa of the Greens sounds far less interesting the Toa of Jungle.

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