UPDATE: 2/03/2019 Makuta Icarax actual height?

UPDATE SUN 2/03/2019 : SO TAKE NOTE i just found this information on Biosector01- Shapeshifting - Allows the user to change their shape at will; it cannot alter the user’s mass- which would indicate they cannot alter their height. So after looking at the 2008 sets standing side by side, I thought to myself how tall is Icarax meant to be? If Teridax is said to be twice the height of a toa but the 2008 toa were taller than when the original Teridax set was released in 2003, putting the 2008 toa Lewa only a few centimeters shorter than Chirox, then So are the set sizes not accurate to character height in the story or is it how tall they would actually be? If it is that way then if a toa is around 7 feet and Chirox is around a half foot taller if comparing the two sets of Lewa and Chirox then that puts Chirox at 7 1/2 feet tall and that would make Icarax taller by a foot at 8 1/2 feet tall and shorter than Teridax by 5 1/2 feet as he would be 14 feet according to the story and we can’t use Teridax’s set as a reference, I always thought of Icarax as only a head shorter than Teridax, around 13 1/2 feet. Let me know your thoughts!


I am in awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.


Yes. I don’t remember exactly where this specific question was answered, but as far as Toa go, they are all canonically the same height, unless there is a specific story detail that specifies them as being larger. So Tahu Nuva and Jaller Mahri should be the same height, despite the differences in their sets. This is also the same for most Matoran, except in cases such as the Matoran altered by Karzahni or the “Tohunga” Matoran from 2001, who were altered in such a way that they were made shorter.

Things get a little trickier with other species, so with those sets it can be hard to tell. As for Icarax specifically, because he’s a Makuta and has the power of shapeshifting, it’s likely he could be any height he desires, so even if the set doesn’t represent his standard height, it could hypothetically, depending on which form he chooses.


@Mctoran Hahahaha! Nice

@Toa_Heatwave I see, I actually forget quite often that shapeshifting could play a role in their height. I was just curious your thoughts on a height if it we’re in essence set in stone?

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I’m not sure…I’d probably be more certain if we had ever received a standard height for Makuta, but we never did.

If you want an opinion, though, I’d hazard a guess that Icarax would probably never have taken on a form that was shorter than a Toa, if he even went that small. Given that he’s both a warrior and a narcissist, he would probably opt for a larger, titan sized body, for intimidation purposes.


I agree, I cannot remember specifically where I read that Teridax was twice as tall as a toa at 14 feet, I am also not sure where it was stated that a toa was 7 feet but i think the mask of light novel…but yes considering his personality I would agree that he would be significantly larger than a toa, but i think Icarax would be not quite as tall as Teridax, around 13.5 feet.