(UPDATE) A distant relative of vamprah 2.0

UPDATE: I’ve uptdated this MOC a lot recently so I decided to edit the original page with new pictures:

The spike things on her shoulders can be removed and used as weapons:

Here’s a better idea of her height:

One last picture:

Comments and feedback are appreciated!


Honestly, clean it up a bit, add some hoses, and I’d say this would be a fairly solid unadapted vamprah.

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very well built, however a good tip that I always use is - use Lego tires, I feel like you could put them on the shoulder connection were the bushings are.

I’d say smooth her body out a bit and reduce her shoulder width. Otherwise, this is really good!

@Payinku Thanks! As much as I’d like to add hoses I believe my much younger siblings used to believe they were edible so they chewed them to the point of no use.

@yolo360nosescope So like this?

I’m actually kinda liking this so even if this isn’t what you meant, thanks for the suggestion.

@Drahcir_Nosnevets I actually can’t shorten the shoulders without causing the forearms to be stuck at a weird angle. Thanks for the suggestion though!

It does look good but I had a bigger sized tire in mind.

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So I finally got around to updating the MOC, mostly around the legs and forearms. Not a huge deal but I think it still warrants an update.

(The cape is not actually part of the MOC.)

So wadya think?


perhaps buff the legs up, but that aside looks good!

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I’ve updated the first post with pics of the newest version of the MOC. Thanks for taking a look!