*UPDATE!* Vehicle MOC: The Night Wolf

My second MOC, this time, a four-wheeled bike.

Front view.

Back view.

Top view.

Close up and attack mode.

But you may be wondering, who's the rider?

If the title didn't give it away, it's Lobo the Wolf King!

I wanted a function built in, so I gave it a wheelie stand for cool posing.

Interesting fact, this was made for Stormer XL, but was only half finished and put away in storage. After finding what was left, l finally got it finished, adding some CCBS to match Lobo. Give your constructive criticism on it, I would be very happy to receive some.


lookin alright!

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The bike looks pretty awesome, though with Lobo riding it, it looks a little clustered. He also seems a tad too large for the bike, i would picture a Protector-sized figure riding it instead, something around that size. Though yeah, i do like the bike and the function is neat also.




Seriously though. Awesome MOC

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idk about anyone else, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this was
modern lightcycle.

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I'll be honest. I came here hoping for a wolf.
And I got one.

Cool bike bro.


Wait so
This is your second moc
ever made?

if so, this is extremely impressive.

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I really like the flames coming out of the back, and the blades sticking out the front is quite unique.

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This is pretty amazing. I love bike mocs.

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These are the tales of the Road Warrior

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He is a little big for the bike. I will try to see if there's any way to fix this in the future. Thank you for your criticism!

Thanks for the complement! Also, keep practicing with MOC-ing! I wasn't that good before with LEGO building.

Now that you mention that, it does look like the recent lightcycles. (Sad that TRON 3 got canceled. :frowning: )

Glad to hear that!

Pretty much. And thank you!


Thanks for the Mad Max reference! I really need to check those movies out.

ALSO, surprised to see that barely anyone noticed that the spike on the right side of the bike is backwards! BIG MISTAKE! Check photo #1 and #4 to see what I mean.

Nice! I have to agree with @Scarilian though, it's a little hard to tell what's going on with Lobo riding it. Also, you don't have to make the figure smaller, just simpler! As a final thought, it kind of looks like cloud's bike:

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I actually surprised to see that the Night Wolf looks so close to Cloud's bike! And I never touched a Final Fantasy game in my life!

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The bike is great but I'm not a huge fan of Lobo.

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What about him? He's too big for the bike? He doesn't look good?

Weel it's hard to tell what's going on when he's riding it, and, his face just doesn't look right. Not that that's your fault, but still.

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I think it has to do with how I angled the MOC and the lighting when he's riding . I'll see if I can get better pictures, that way it's more clear to see.

I love it! This looks Fantasti-cool™! Very well done build.

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So after a week, I have made some changes. First off, I used a (temporary) new "set". And second I updated the Night Wolf.

Extra blades added to the front.

Wing tail added to back.

Lobo riding the Night Wolf. (I tried to see if the lighting would make it clearer, but it still looks clustered)

Lobo got an update as well: Dule Wind Blades.

But you may be wondering why was the front changed?

Coming soon, a new post will be made, with two new MOCs.

Stay tuned. wink


it's lovely

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