Upgrading PC's

I’m making this topic because I cant find any like it. Here you can ask about or say stuff about upgrading a PC, what you do whatever. Anyways, I need help. I have a Intel® Q45/Q43 Express Chipset, in other words a load of rubbish. Does anyone know any compatible graphics cards to upgrade to (I wanna play battlefront) or how to check what graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard? I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could it explain this stuff to me, because internet has proven useless so far.

use this website: pcpartpicker.com
or if you don’t like dallahs then use uk.pcpartpicker.com if you like pounds instead there is compatability features on there so you don’t have to kepp asking IS DIS WUN COMPATIBUL WITH THIS (overdramatisation) every 5 seconds you see an item and go on the internet to see what it works with.