Uploading... BUG

so when attatching a picture to a post it'll just go "uploading..." i can even post the entire post but t's still uploading? any ideas why?

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It's basically the image loading up. You usually have to wait a bit. If it doesn't load, then you have to delete that image and try again.


it should still Be fixed though? right?

Eh. I'm not sure if it counts as a glitch or not. You would have to ask the Admins and such.

it should stop you from posting before all the "uploadings" are done so you don't get uploading... in a post

but it doesn't


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right there!

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That's what happens when you don't wait for an image to load. I really don't think this is a bug.


i've waited for hours on it
it's a bug

Oh. In that case, it might be a bug.

This could mean a few things:

  1. The Picture is too big
  2. You probably just need to delete that upload thingy and try again.
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usually would tell me that

tried before does not work

Well, the system has changed.

Then it must be the file, not the site.

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why would they change that
it seems like it's going backwards in progress to do that

Well, with the latest update, we can now insert multiple images at once, sooooooo...

With the site the way it is, I'm guessing this may be connected to the notifications.

For the meantime, upload the image to imgur or somewhere and then just link it that way?


Yeah. Use other channels.