Urban Combat Specialist, Gycrol

Obligatory front and back.

I wouldn’t move if I were you dear viewer.

Cool guy pose.

Gycrol, is an expert in Urban warfare, and often leads squads of fellow soldiers into combat during city sieges.

He’s armed with a PDW, and has attachments to turn it into an automatic rifle.

As always, comment and crits are completely welcome!


This is really cool! I like the designs you chose.
My only gripe is that he seems a little too bland… maybe mixing in another color, a dark tan or a dark red or blue, could really improve him!
But other than that, I really like it!

This is actually pretty nice! The build is pretty solid, and Matoro Inika’s mask works surpassingly well with it!

A bit too skimpy in my opinion. 6/10

The color on this guy is pretty good, I guess this one is one of your best you made so far.

Thanks! I thought so too. This build started because I thought the Iden looked like a gas mask.

And your allowed to have that opinion. I’ll admit, in some spots it is a little thin.



Like those arms… legs are pretty good though.