Urian and Ahkmou

Urian, Steltian Specialist for the Order of Mata Nui.

Urian, a Steltian Specialist for the Order of Mata Nui. 50,000 years ago, she volunteered for an experiment that would give her the ability to bend the Elements to her will with her gauntlets.

The gauntlets on her hands turn crystal when she bends, making her entire forearm crystalline. But the experiment also turned her heartlight and eyes lightblue too.

And as a bonus my Ahkmou MOC based on his 2003 incarnation.

Enjoy :gregf:


Urian's head is giving off a bit of a Roodaka vibe. Great job


Yeah I think it was based on both Roodaka and Sidorak's head designs.

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Sweet Ahkmou! It's a shame his mask doesn't come in other more fitting colours.

Urian looks interesting. She incorporates elements of the Roodaka build, correct? I think the blend of colours would work better without the light grey in the torso.


Thanks! Yeah I wish it came in black, and I didn't want to paint it.

Yeah thanks for the suggestions. She was mostly inspired by Roodaka and BobTheDoctor27's Nelvik MOC.

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No black mask 0/10


Urian's pretty cool, but the Rahskhi heads are a little disproportionate.

The lower arms are too short. There should also be more transparent blue distribution.

The head is a little off, but that's just me.

She's a pretty cool MOC that just needs some refining.

While I was joking earlier about the mask thing, my favorite Matoran is Ahkmou, so he instantly gets my approval. I like how you avoided the issue with the black mask by simply making the feet black, as sort of a reversed gradient.


I quite like this.

Great work! I love the design of Urian.

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Nice mocs

Urian suffers from the handicap of her species: terrible shoulders.

That connection just looks wonky to me, but other than that, I don't have many complaints.

Hey, that's pretty good.

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Urian is pretty good, and Ahkmou :thumbsup:/:ok_hand:

I'm really not a fan of the rakshi boobs on Urian.
The rest is pretty good and I like the Ahkmou.

can they really be boobs, if they're on the shoulders?

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I dunno, they look fairly awkward if they're not.

I don't like Urian, rahkshi boobs are well :grimacing: not the best, is she a revamp of roodaka? she looks like a small version, the head doesn't suit her and the transparent blue doesn't look like it belongs at all Ahkmou looks good though

Yeah I know.


Eh it's okay. I modeled it after Sidorak's but definitely not my best work.

That's the point.

It's a bit of a copout but I'll take your word for it