Used Lego Hero Factory for sale on Ebay

Anyone interested in some 2011 Hero Factory sets? If you are, check out my listing on Ebay.

When it comes to Lego, I am very OCD, so trust in the fact that these are in very good (used) condition.

EDIT: It sold.

I moved this to the Marketplace because that category is for topics related to selling and trading objects.

Looks like a nice lot, hope someone buys them and enjoys the sets. :slight_smile:


Now I regret spending my money on that Godzilla figure. Do not sell it just yet!!! My birthday is just 3 days away and I will purchase it with the money I receive!!!

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I want these too, but I won’t have the money as soon. I’ll let @Aegyptiacus have it

I am sorry: someone bought it.