Uses of Protodermis

Can Protodermis be used to creating electrical power as well? I mean it was used to heating up Metru Nui, and I know that water in real life is used in generators, I mean have you seen the old game on Miniclip, Chasm? Water is used for running the generators so maybe. I know that Protodermis can be in the form of a Gas so what if there is a machine that runs on gaseous Protodermis? I mean this can be used as fuel or used to moving fans. The Protodermis can be used to converting energy in two efficient ways as I stated.

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Protodermis was created, not just discovered:

And it was created long before the idea to create the Mata Nui robot, based on the fact that the robot was only created as a response to the Core War’s destruction of the planet, which followed the discovery of Energized Protodermis, which itself followed the creation of protodermis:

No, they’re crystalline protodermis:


Okay if what you are telling me is that Protodermis was created for creating the Mata Nui Robot responding to the Core War’s Destruction, who created the Protodermis in the first place?


The Great Beings created protodermis, but not for the Robot.


That’s not what I’m telling you. I specifically said that protodermis was created before the idea of the Mata Nui robot ever existed:

The Great Beings:


Protodermis was indeed created by the GBs before the discovery of EP or any plans for Mata Nui robot. It should be mentioned that this piece of information is one of those internally contradictory facts which have many sources telling us different things. But the interpretation others have put forward here seems to be the most consistent one (even though I personally think there are other, more believable versions, but what can we do…).

Yes! But let’s backtrack a little bit. First you asked if it could be used as fuel. It already is. The protodermis was mined on Mata Nui and used as a source of energy:

The mysterious substance had been mined on Mata Nui for years, used as a source of power.

Other indicators of protodermis containing energy is the manufacturing process of Kanoka disks and Kanohi masks.
Perhaps even more importantly the entire population of the Matoran universe is made out of protodermis and runs on protodermis-derived energy. This energy had several names in the story, such as internal, personal, or physical energy (I call it physical energy for short).

So to sum it up the “energy of protodermis” is essentially identical to the energy contained in Kanoka, Kanohi and beings. Speaking of beings, many of them have non-elemental electricity powers (Axonn or Suukorak for example), which draw upon this energy - therefore the protodermis can indeed produce electricity albeit indirectly. It first starts out as this “energy of protodermis” which is not electricity in itself:

Q: A Toa of electricity could restore the energy of a Matoran who lost his mask and maintain this energy until the Matoran has a new mask?
A: No. What they get from a mask is not simply electrical energy.


I see that it can be used as an energy. By the way can Protodermis exist in different Variants, such as powdered Protodermis or an elastic-type of Protodermis?

And another thing, can Protodermis be used for transmuting? When I mean transmuting I mean used in brewings, alchemy, experiments, research, etc.


Yes. Literally everything in the Matoran Universe is a protodermis variant, with the exception of the Makuta (who are made of Antidermis), a handful of Great Being-made artifacts, and whatever fell into the robot through the hole in Voya Nui’s dome after the Great Cataclysm.

The real question here is whether or not transmuting is possible at all; if it’s possible, then protodermis can be used for it because essentially everything in the Matoran Universe is made of protodermis.

And to answer that question, there are a small number of beings with the power of transmutation throughout the story: Boggarak can transmute victims into either stone or gas with a sonic hum, Sentrakh has unspecified molecular transmutation abilities, and the land of Karzahni could turn Matoran to stone if they sat for too long.


He uses them to turn Vakama to stone in Time Trap.

Interestingly, both this and Karzahni stone transmutation are reversible if the process isn’t completed.


We see dust all the time, which would be powdered protodermis. Those with the power of elasticity do acquire elastic protodermis bodies and all of the organic protodermis is elastic to a certain extent.

Since the entire MU is made of protodermis and it works at all, the answer has to be yes. Also, they do have various sciences in the MU, such as physics, chemistry and biology:

That said , this aspect is not really explored in story - most notable example might be Ga-Metru laboratories dealing with protodermis research.

PS: As for brewing, this is very unlikely, because we know the fermentation processes do not work the same for protodermis-based matter as they do for natural material:

He glanced around, looking for something that would inspire an idea. He found it in a pile of rotting vegetation atop an islet of mud off to the east. They reminded him of something he had seen once in the swamps of Le-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui. Turaga Matau had said something about some of the plants on the island not being like those in Metru Nui. They didn’t seem to be made of protodermis and didn’t break down the same way when they died. Tahu realized that in the end they resembled these dead plants in Karda Nui.
It makes sense, thought the Toa of Fire. Matau said some of the plants might have come from other islands. The plants here might have come in with the waters that flooded Karda Nui from outside. And he warned me not to use my powers around them when they started to rot, because…
Tahu smiled. Oh no. Wouldn’t dream of it.
He turned then and remained hovering in the air, not far from the decaying plant matter. Vamprah never hesitated, flying straight toward him, hungry for a fight. Tahu waited until Vamprah was just over the islet before tossing a fireball. But he didn’t aim it at the Makuta – he aimed it at the plants.
As soon as the fire came near its target, there was a huge explosion of flame. The shock sent Vamprah reeling and even Tahu rolled through the air before finally regaining control. When he looked back, a shaken Vamprah was clinging to a tree, the only thing keeping him from plunging into the swamp.
Score one for swamp gas, Tahu said to himself. One spark, and boom! I guess Matau was right after all.


If what you said is true, where is the evidence?

Also can Protodermis become papery as well as being used as ink or be mixed with Ink to make the writing last longer? There was a concept I had of a Matoran cutting a protosteel-imbued paper with scissors. Also can Protodermis be used as a fabric similar to Life Fibers from Kill La Kill?

If so provide evidence to prove the following.


Evidence for what, the dust? I didn’t provide any reference because it is just so ubiquitous it really didn’t need any - open any piece of Bionicle media and you have dust there. Most obvious example could be the second movie (at 0:20:30) a dust storm is activted. Then later (at 0:34:27) in the scene with Kikanalo, the stampede kicks up a massive cloud of dust. And those are just two examples, but there are many more throughout the movie.
DH Darkness has elasticity powers and the organic protodermis being elastic is self-evident neccessity.

In a way, yes it can, but it is not paper. Instead it takes on a form of a metal foil (think aluminum) and can be used for writing. And yes, they do indeed have pens to write with in MU, as we have seen one used by Kazi, but we don’t know if it uses any ink. Carving on stone tablets is the most prevalent method of keeping written records and this pen might just be one of the tools used for that:

As he had done five times before, Toa Lhikan placed the stone on a thin sheet of metallic protodermis in his open palm. Then he clenched his fist, wrapping the sheet tightly around the stone. Behind his yellow Great Mask of Shielding, Lhikan’s eyes narrowed. He knew that he was doing far more than taking valuable objects of power. He was taking a step that would change his life, the lives of six others, and the very future of Metru Nui. He held his other hand over his closed fist and concentrated. Six streams of energy came from his hand, then merged into a single white lance of power. It flowed over the wrapped Toa stone, then abruptly came to a stop. When Lhikan opened his fist, he saw that the metallic sheet was now sealed around the stone. Imprinted upon it was the symbol of the three virtues of the Matoran: Unity, Duty, and Destiny.

He undid the foil wrapping to find he was holding a Toa stone. It was then he noticed the writing on the metal wrapping, but before he could examine it more closely –

As soon as they were out of sight, he went back to the metal wrapping. On closer examination he could see the writing on it was a detailed map – a map of a place every Matoran knew well.

The Ko-Matoran placed down his pen, and stared at the tablet for a moment as he read it over.

Not familiar with “Life Fibers”, but they do have fabric cloaks. Most of the Turaga, Vezon and mutated Karzahni should be the best examples.


Really now. If there is such a thing as metallic foil Protodermis, are the Matoran capable of using the Metallic foil to create origami or some Satellites that use the Origami concept to help with saving space?


Are you asking for a source that Matoran are physically capable of folding thin metal?

What are Satellites and Origami?

I know what those English words mean, but the context of the question and the capitalization make it sound like they are special powers or something.


Origami, which are paper foldings? Like an Origami crane or something.

Say that one Matoran was inspired by some Rahi and thought of using the folding technique the Rahi does to itself as well as inspired by Origami as well to make a Satellite to put into space.
Similar to this

I am asking if this is possible or not.


Well, they have the foil and Matoran are creative people. Nothing is stopping them from making origami in their free time.

As for the fold-out satellites, in theory nothing is stopping them there either - except for the fact that Matoran are not known to have a space programme.

The only time we see any indication of such thing (except for GSR) is in the Kingdom AU:

The Turaga shook his head. “It can’t last. Onua and the others have done all they can, but the original island cannot survive much longer. We will have to move on again, perhaps to the stars if Nuju and Nuparu’s project works. But until then, the Makuta – if they still live – must not be allowed into the Kingdom!”

It is plausible that they might make use of satellites like you suggest, but that is pure conjecture.

The only thing we know about this future spacecraft is that it would be launched into space by a massive cannon:

Vezon walked between worlds.
At least, that’s how he saw it. Lately, it seemed like every step he took left him somewhere completely different. One moment, he was out in the sunshine, seeing Matoran and Dark Hunters working together in perfect harmony (granted, they were building a giant cannon, but they were still getting along well).


I see. If that is the case, can the Matoran make Nanotechnology out of Protodermis? And if so, can they make a robot similar to the Mata Nui Robot but smaller and with the power of shape-shifting like this?

Also I know that the Great Beings had magic right? If that is the case, would Magic work on Protodermis in myriad ways?


Unknown. One can imagine this being possible because protodermis can do just about anything - it is essentially programmable matter. But nanotechnology is not something Bionicle story ever went into and likely never would. But in a way GBs do use nanotech - it is just macroscopic in scale. All of the MU is nanotech:

Things had not gone quite as planned. There had evidently been glitches in the AI of Mata Nui, Makuta, and the Great Beings’ other creations. Instead of a simple repairing of the planet, there had been a robot war and the bizarre sight of nanotech creations nobly sacrificing themselves in battle and, in many cases, dying to save others. That was not the behavior of bio-mechanical servitors. That was an actual, new species fighting and dying for its freedom.

Magic does not exist in Bionicle. Great Beings had amazing technology which could create beings with awesome powers, which looks like magic - but even in universe, it is not called magic. The only reference to magic is in a sarcastic and mocking way in the DH Conjurer’s entry:

He schemes to take over the Dark Hunters, never realizing that my ‘magic’ is more powerful than his by far.


You mentioned Magic does not exist, but how was it that the Mask of Life unleashed its power to make flora and water come onto Spherus Magna and how was it that Kanohi masks have powers given to the wielders?

Also another thing, I know that you answered shapeshifting protodermis, but what about a Slime-like protodermis (Green, oozing, slimy, but with Protodermis features)? Is a Slime Protodermis possible?


There is slime protodermis. It’s the substance that the character Tren Krom is made from.

And honestly, the legendary masks could be described as magic, given that they completely disobey the laws of physics sometimes (more so than other Kanohi).