v1 asher the fire king

this was my rushed moc for the biocup 2018 contest i wanted a fire titan moc in the past but i was too lazy to make one so now i was forced to make something

feel free to point out all the flaws

the shield/sword was to give a little push to not make it “just a boring swordsman”


It looks kinda squat…

give more i know it’s poop


The color scheme is inconsistent. What you’ve got on the torso and upper arms looks really cool, with the maroon and gold, then you get the limbs, which have neither maroon nor gold. The shield/sword is an interesting concept, but just sticking the two swords next to each other like that doesn’t work. The armor coverage is rather basic, and really doesn’t flow. The legs also need to be longer and a bit bulkier, I think. The torso actually looks kinda cool, but the rest of the MOC feels haphazard and very clearly shows how rushed you were.


More orange less gunmetal.

the constructive criticism!

OH that’s the good stuff

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Its very obvious it was rushed. Basic build with gaps, inconsistent color scheme. Its not the worst thing but i could use some work.

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it makes me mad that i didn’t get in, i already lost
when i first found out i was trying hard to resist the demons “it’s never good enough”
i can’t get over it it disgusts me.

It is a very simple moc, but I think it is OK. The improvised sword, however is… weird. Also his head and shoulder armor seem to stick out too much. I would change the gold with grays or the other way around, to fix the inconsistent color scheme. And also, it looks more like a regular Toa than a titan. Try to make him taller and bulkier.

Biocup is difficult if you want to get in youll need a lot more than that

Looks like a ccbs vakama…

How? The only similarity is that they both have metro red and are linked to fire.

The mask and the gold, even though vakama doesn’t have gold.

I dunno, it just feels like vakama.

That isn’t even vakama’s mask, but ok.

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Wait, what?
Its not?
Whose is it, then?

Jaller mahri



I can’t believe I mixed that up.
My bad, guys.