Hello everyone,
I know I’ve not been very active on the boards, but I just recently submitting my first ever constraction MOC, into the Brickset Charcter Building Competition… so I decided I might as well share it with everyone here.
Feedback is much appreciated.




Alone she walks. In the shadow of the darkness…

They were one of the strongest beings this galaxy had ever seen. Living in the epitome of hell, they were built tough, and they were raised tough; shrugging off radiation, toxic gases, and the ever monotonous volcanic eruptions.

Even now, her armour is unyielding. Her heart though, is not…

They were intelligent too, not only surviving, but expanding and exceeding the boundaries of space and time. Drawing their power from the Great Red Spot, they were fierce and relentless on the battlefield; as precise as a bolt of lightning.

She takes off her helmet; a gift from her father; a tribute to the God of their power. She knows she can’t give up, but she knows they’ve met their match…
The fire of their city extinguished, all that remained was bitterness; light without soul, warmth without embrace…
Her father’s words echo across the desolate plains of magma…

“We are the Knights of Io. We may lose a war, but never the fight for good and righteousness. Just like us, it too is unyielding…”

With her heart filled with determination, the soldier sets out, to fulfil their destiny…

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Reminds me a lot of Pharah. Well done!


Nice MOC. I don’t find it so special but it’s nice.

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Really? I never thought of it, but I guess there are some similarities :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the likes and comments

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