vacation artworks

Here’s an homework done last year during vacation, drawing some characters with particular techniques, most of them are mocs and are coming soon on posts (I do one day one creation).

To begin, here’s Slasher, I tried to get a nasty effect and Sphax, made with my secondary hand :

Next comes Vortex & Chomper, made with a 4 colors pen and Sorak with a ruler :

Here you can see Just-x made by paper cutting and Laure in only one line :

showcasing this wonderful work :

Here are Nex 2.0 made with fingers (and paint of course) and my X-plode revamp in paint too :

Down below there are my mod of Jetbug only in dots and a custom (and not existing) Kanohi Arthron renamed Lyse in embroidery :

Finally, Whenua in felt pens and Epsilon (renamed Airolix) with stencils :


Xplode looks nice, probably the best

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I have a preference for Just-x and the kanohi, they were long and hard work and I love the final results

The kanohi also looks nice, but I cannot see the details that much from the photos.

better irl

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I can see better now, that really is a lot of detail

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yeah, hours of work

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Wait a minute, it’s all made out of STRING?!? Apologies, this is just amazing.

yeah it is, it was written “in embroidery” :joy:

I just rushed the text

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that’s why X-plode isn’t my fav, classic paint is too easy X)

This is just amazing
Well done.

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