Vagatus, The Wanderer

Vagatus, A warrior who pre-dates the Toa. His sole duty was to protect the Villagers of Okoto, till the toa could be summoned. He kept to the shadows, fulfilling his duties without ever revealing his existence.

So what can I say. I started to build a completely different moc, one with a white and purple color scheme and it evolved into this somehow. I'm not entirely sure how I derailed so much but I did. I kinda of see this character as 'Mysterious Wanderer' of sorts, one who fights off evil without ever being acknowledged or thanked for it.
Also should note that I had the most fun when it came to fleshing out the ribcage area. I feel the purple spikes towards the waist just add a nice aesthetic to it, instead of just wasted space.

So yeah, not much else to say. Here's a Link to the full gallery on Flickr.

Also yes, he kind of is like a G2 Axonn, in regards to role.


Very nice!

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Thanks, I am really proud of how this turned out, especially since it wasn't planned.

The wanderer eh? Reminds me of the Stranger in Tales from the Borderlands...

Anyway, that reference aside, this MOC is actually quite lovely. I'm all for weird and wacky colour schemes, I'm always putting them in my MOCs. However, this colour scheme just isn't quite working for me somehow. I think the problem is the primary colour is gold and the secondary colours are blue and purple. If for instants you were to swap those around, so that the gold was just a highlight, I think it would work a bit better.

The build is good and I love his little toes! Weapon is alright, just maybe a tad too flat.

Anyway, good stuff here!


Never actually played any of the borderlands games, but I can certainly see the similarity.

However as for the color scheme, I would love to make purple and blue the main colors, the problem is I just don't have very many pieces of either color, or at least useful pieces. And yeah, when it came to the weapon I just kind of went for simple.

But glad you like it for the most part.

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Looks great! The head was really well done.

He has soulless black eyes @_@

JK this MOC is great.

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and like a G2 keetongu, in regards to look.

I like it.


You know, I can see what you mean. Wasn't intentional but he does kind of have a keetongu look, especially with the hat/head.

@Poaki Head was surprisingly easy to do.

Those purple spikes near the waist are glorious, great job with this guy.

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pretty interesting, the colors go surprisingly well together

Glad you think so.

Wanted to include a quick picture I took of him, with no pose whatsoever since I later realized I had neglected to take such a picture.

@RaggedClaws I actually took your advice on Vagatus and added a bit more purple to him, RIP Onua. It may not be a huge amount, given the general lack of purple pieces, but I like to think it at least somewhat fixes the problem. Also gave him a new weapon after someone commented on his other one looking too big for him. Based it on the Ma'Tok Staff from Stargate SG-1.


Brilliant re-working.

Much more satisfying flow of colours!

Really Neat Moc! 9/10