Vahki model 7


I had a video demonstrating the gear function but I couldn’t figure out how to post it, but the point is it has a gear function that works well and doesn’t flop back down.

backstory that I’ve figured out so far…

Vahki model 7 (or V7) was created by a matoran named Onipa after coming across a squad of broken vahki. He used their parts to create a much stronger, bigger, and far more intelligent vahki that could help him defend his village from rahi and other enemies that might try to attack. He created it to have lifelike intelligence, and he had the processing power of many vahki at his disposal, so he created a duplication of his own mind out of computer chips, so that he wouldn’t have to teach it how to fight and essentially cloning himself as a vahki. Under normal circumstances having a copy of a matoran’s mind in a robot would be dangerous because emotions might throw the powerful robotic body out of control with the stress of being stuck as a robot, but with Onipa’s mind it doesn’t really care and stays in control of itself. But it requires a lot of power to run itself. Any practical power source would only keep the V7 going for 2 seconds, which is why Onipa went on a journey through the remains of Karda Nui to find one of the last toa stones of lightning in the universe. Then he used it to infect a chamber of micro-organisms, which gave them lightning powers. Then he put the micro-organism colony inside a chamber in V7. Then V7 was programmed to take all the elemental energy away from the micro-organisms except what they need to stay alive, powering V7 and giving it the ability to control and create lightning as well as shoot discs. Although its name is V7, it is usually just called “droid”. V7 can fold up and transform into a smaller robot to conserve energy. This smaller version of V7 is equipped with several attachable items such as guns that can skrew onto where his hand normally is, a shoulder-mounted machine gun, and a scope. Eventually Onipa didn’t like having someone be exactly like him so he created multiple memory files on its software. One file it can swich to is the one like Onipa and the other is V7’s own person. Also, the small version of V7 is not really my own moc, it is a version of deaddude’s moc, droids. Just my version is fairly highly modified from his.

IT’S OVER 9000!!

size comparison


I meant to title it vahki model 7

Do the ping-pong motifs mean anything?


What’s a motif?

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  1. A decorative design or pattern

  2. A distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition

  3. A short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed


I see weights in the background. Does he lift?


who, me or the vahki

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The Vahki, by his armor he seems pretty stronk.


no, I just took the pictures on my ping-pong table

@Vuhii thanks

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Good luck, Nyran! :smile:

I like the way you added the gear system, keep it up!


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nice moc dude
do not like the lower arms tho.

thanks to nyran, I have finally figured out how to make a line


Interesting backstory. The torso seems a bit awkward and oddly proportioned (especially those shoulders that stick out like crazy). The dark red on the forearms don’t really fit IMO, and I’m really not a bit fan of the humanoid hands (especially when the model is in walker mode).

That said, it’s nice to see the Vahki getting some more love on the Boards. I’m quite fond of those guys.


I can see what you mean when you say that it is oddly perportioned, in most of these pictures it does look like that. It looks better in real life though. To get abetter idea of what it really looks like, look at pictures 7,8, and 10.

Also, yeah, the vahki are pretty cool. I wish I didn’t have to take
apart my only vahki to build this, which I usually don’t do when I am
mocing, but I think it was worth it


The shoulders are a bit too awkward for my taste. If you brought them in a bit they would be better.


What the heck is that kid in the fourth picture? Back to the moc, the chest armor is pretty gappy and the waist is a little thin. Overall a pretty cool moc though :smile:

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Well if I brought them in more The arms would bump into the rest of the moc when I turn the gears.

Hey Ekorak, your self-moc is on ven’s moc Spotlight.

@Sciencegiraffe He knows! :smiley: Also, don’t double post! :wink: