Vakarak - "Spherus Magna" and "In the Shadow of Hope" version

Vakarak is back! ... Just like me

So. For the story part, he's in currently 2 universes, one is our RP here in the message boards, and one is my fan-fiction story line. I'm only gonna write about the fan-fiction story here. (which I'll try to keep short)

7,000 years after the battle of Spherus magna. The planet is a lot different, and it's often just called "Sferus" by it's inhabitants.
(I'm gonna skip the geography, main story line and everything, because this topic is about Vakarak)
Vakarak with his pet Silverbeak travelled through Sferus until they've found a small group of outlaws. The group was made out of Skrall and Skakdi. Their leader was challenged by Vakarak. After his victory, Vakarak skinned the Skakdi leader, and now he wears his hide as a cape. (And yes, he somehow has the same cape in the RP now O.o) He became the leader of the bandit group, which is now known as The White-Claw Tribe. (And the other stuff doesn't matter right now)

Appearence: (In the story the white armor has black tattoes all over it, but you know, I can't print the LEGO pieces)

(I've uploaded it to imgur coz it doesn't let me upload here)

It's really good to be back here with you guys! blush
If u have questions about what really changed, let me know!


I really like the colour scheme and the spines.

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The mix of both pure white and "thok" white is a bit odd, and the colors could be spread out a bit better. That along with the red axles and blue pins make his coloring less than appealing, but the intent of black/white/transgreen was good. Other than that, I don't have much more to say. Overall 8/10


Yeah, i wish that those parts were normal white instead. Thx for the reply!

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Zaktan looks so swag with that chain around his neck


well, He's more of a Predator/Yautja subtype or advanced hunter instead of lockdown

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0____0 Well then. Your MOC skinned someone. Good MOC, but I'm scurred...


@Rockho #SwagZaktan
@JMP I wanted him to feel more Tribal now. I wish i could add those steltian markings on the white armor
@ToaKeravnos SpookhyScurryVakarak

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Interesting use of that Piraka spine.

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