Vakota's Okotan Alphabet

I’m not sure if this is Artwork or Literature.
So, I got interested in the Okotan Alphabet concepts lately and wanted to make my own version of the alphabet. This alphabet uses references from designs seen on the Mask of Creation, the Mask of Control, the 2016 Toa masks, the cape, and some concept art as well.
Also, please ignore the single dots after the letters and numbers. That dot was supposed to be only a space. I don’t know why Word does that.

I also made an example text, which is just my version of the Prophecy.

Prophecy of Heroes:

I’m debating on whether to add the transliteration or leave it up for interpretation.


you, do know there’s an official okotan alphabet, right?


I do know, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make my own, does it?


I was genuinely wondering, though it is rather redundant to create your own.

Well, English wasn’t always written in the Latin Alphabet. Besides, I had fun making it.

I hope the translation on my Mask of Creation makes sense.

Unfortunately, not with this alphabet. Either that, or the markings on the mask are a style similar to cursive, which would probably be impossible to decipher.