Valen (Moc)

So in april I had built an moc for a contest on Bzpower, Figured I'd also showcase it overhere since not sure how many members are also over there. So without further ado I present Valen

Truth be told I was just trying to build something simple but more complex than my standard mocs, but also combined a nice mixture of old technic and CCBS, branching out a bit really. I typically suck at custom torsos but I like to think I did decently with this one.

Also a full Gallery can be found here on flickr

"Well aren't you just the most menacing thing ever."


Not sure whether this MOC is for a male or female creation, as doesn't seem to specify, however either way I'm not too much of a fan of the nuva shoulder pieces being used on the chest. Just seems like an odd choice given it pushes out the upper chest a lot compared to the rest of the custom body.

In terms of the rest of the design, I like it a lot though. The Axonn mask works well with the generally spiky design of the MOC reflected in its weaponry and its arm spikes. I like the use of the Skull Spider masks as shoulder pads, haven't seen them incorporated in too many MOC's unfortunately, but nice seeing them anyway.

Overall a very intriguing looking MOC, with my only suggestion being to potentially change the Nuva shoulder pieces to create a flatter looking chest, but that's up to you stuck_out_tongue

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I misread the title as Van Halen and expected the band in minifig form :/

Other than that, nice MOC


the uh
Distracting upper body
Is quite distracting.
to say the least..


er.... Is it a lady? The name implies a male.... Either way it's alright...?

I just question: Why Nuvaboobs? No offense


nice moc the only thing that you could change is the arms I suggest use a slightly longer bone piece for the under arms so the proportions work better.

Truth be told the chest is not meant to be anything but a chest. Truth be told the only reason I chose nuva shoulder pads is because they did an excellent job of covering the otherwise horrible/messy looking components underneath. However I do realize that many people use them as 'nuvaboobs' as people so simply put it, but that is not what I was going for. However it's hard for people to see them as anything else it seems.

And I agree about the forearms. I had wanted to make them longer but alas the only pieces I had either would have been too long, or I didn't have any armor shells that covered them somewhat decently.

In Valen's name! This is a cool MOC. I think he might benefit from a slightly wider lower torso, though.


I was hoping this would have to do with Babylon 5 but oh well.

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I've never actually watched Babylon 5, so had no idea there was a character name Valen.

So actually recently updated Valen a bit, after taking some advice from what people have said. The arms are a stud longer, which oddly make them look really long now, and the chest has been changed, which in turn forced a new head and mask to be used. Some internal bits in the torso were changed to make it more stable but nothing too drastic worth really noting.

Valen (1.5)
Valen (1.5)

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This looks like a really nice and clean build. I like how you did not over complicate the limbs as some people do. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks. I really wanted to keep the limbs rather simple, with the main focus being the torso.