Valkyrie: Toa of Lightning


Made this a little while back for
New Elementary’s Recycle my Bicycle contest but ran out of time with the head, so I came back to it.

Started out as an attempt at revamping Voriki but turned into something pretty different.


I don’t see what’s the link between Valkyries and the element of lightning, but great work! Very clever combination of system and constraction pieces!

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Great MOC. Though I wouldn’t name this a Toa, because… it doesn’t really look like one.

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wow, the knife practically going through the cubs joint just blows me away. The rest is great too, but wow, that’s good.

This looks amazing! If I may, I think it looks a lot like one of the Null Sector Omnics from Overwatch, which I’d consider a compliment.

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Fantastic moc! I love the little Tesla coils sprinkled about, and the gear on the back really brings in the toa look.

It looks so cyber! Awesome design. That custom head is killer. The forearms and legs are great too.

It doesn’t really look like a Toa… maybe a hordika? Anyway love the color scheme and design. Legs are a bit odd though. 9/10 A pErFeCt ScOrE

This looks incredible! The purple looks fantastic, and the lightning is stellar! Great job!

In the Greek Mythos there is a group of deities called the Furies, these can be seen as a variation of valkyries, they reign over vengeance. Lightning is often used as a weapon of choice by the gods to punish mortals. Lightning is a connection of light particles, a train of energy, vengeance is the same, like a chain of events. Been said that, the weapon of the moc is suberb. The Toa itself envoys the flash of light quite well. Not sure about the reptilian legs, I am not fan of that design choice on Toas but we can disagree anytime. Awesome work.