Valory The Mistress of Fire

Valory (in my head canon) is a member of Makuta’s elite group along with Kulta and Umarak. She is Makuta’s personal guard and follows his every command.


this MOC seems like

super Shadowgear inspiration heavy

what with the pointy legs

the same tripod piece

the small barb pieces for eyes

it just sorta evokes those things that he’s been doing recently, y’know?

I do dig the use of the Lava Dragon Nexo Power, though.

But the arms seem like, too disproportionate to to the rest of the build

I like the firewing harness wings you used for the head, though.


Your’e completely right, it is heavily inspired by his moc Vanity. You deserve a cookie

Those feet are tiny, otherwise, great job

Her backstory feels a bit like Roodaka.

this MOC has really good proportions but needs hands

It originally had hands but they were used on another moc

The legs are off-putting.

wait your allowed to post brick mocs


( i can finally post my touhou looking thing )