Vamprah vs Icarax fight

Hello everyone, I was just curious, was Vamprah’s blindness the main reason why he was not able to take down Icarax during their battle or was Icarax actually just too much for him to handle? I feel as though Vamprah if he were not blind actually could have defeated Icarax, he’s smarter, stronger and a great fighter and hunter in his own right, I mean all of the Makuta in Karda Nui are essentially the Makuta elite after all. I mean I know he did end up killing Icarax but with the help of Gorast and Mutran, I’m just thinking it would have gone much differently if he could see. What are your thoughts?


I believe it is stated that in terms of hand to hand combat Icarax is the strongest Makuta. Even Better than Teridax who won their duel due to his cunning.

Vamprah could be the better Hunter but we do not have enough Data of him as a fighter.

His form was also a bat instead of a humanoid with weapons. I do not know if it actually made Vamprah weaker.

Icarax was also handicapped during the fight. His essence was physical now and it is stated his armor didn’t fit anymore and made even movement excruciating and he still hold two of his siblings at bay.

In any case, as a hunter, Vamprah should have ambushed his prey instead of fighting head on.


Very good points actually. I’m not sure how, but I forgot about Icarax not being in top shape at the time which would hinder his fighting. Yeah Vamprah would have had a better experience if he had ambushed him.


Vamprah should prefer hit and run tactics. Hit from afar and disapear to fog. This should be quite effective against icarax whose temper would work against him.

And Vamprah could use his mask afar and weaken Icarax.

But if Icarax can hit Vamprah and force him to hand to hand combat then it is game over for Vamprah. Also Icarax is not dump, he could find a location where it is harder for Vamprah to suprise him.


If Icarax were still evolved Antidermis, I could see this fight going either way. With Icarax no longer Antidermis energy, the fight despite Icarax’s injuries, was fairly one sided. Vamprah blind and both Gorast and Vamprah seriously handicapped by the fact Icarax could just pierce their armor and blast away the Antidermis as it leaks out. Even Gorast mentions this issue, in fact she even lands a blow on Icarax, who in any other instance would have been in a deadly situation. with his de evolved form however he just laughed. So I think in this instance, of course Icarax would win eventually had they not resorted to their plan and continued to fight him. In a regular no handicaps fight it could go either way if vamprah used some of his hunting tactics or ran circles around him and used hit and run like you suggested, he would only need to get one or two good hits on him.