Vanaru The Rahi Hunter

Vanuru is a Toa of Fire who has a hobby of Hunting and Taming Rahi for sport and selling in all of the koro's.

Front (sorry its very gappy)


A casual shot of Vanuru (love his brace)

His Flame Bow


I like the bow

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thanks i took idea of it being a long bow but then went into a composite

What this guy said.


The bow is nice


why is his torso elongated and a T?

The bow is pretty cool, but the body. Oh, the body. Is it weird.

Well the body is a Hordika one but the head and arms would not have worked so he would have been to thin and his head would bulge out (and his bow arm is longer for the brace) so I gave him a wider upper body (because he is an Archer) and his bow would not have reached the floor

I think we found it guys.

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What did you find?

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No comment.

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Well, looking at this objectively, the general idea of the MOC is nice. The A-symmetry works well, and the weapons are pretty creative. So in that field, good job!

However, the execution of the build is a little lackluster to say the least. The proportions are rather comical (unless you were going for that sort of thing?) and the colours are very misbalanced. Also he is very skeletal, but I'll let that slide.

So, it's nice, but needs a lot of work for next time!


The uh... The torso needs work. The Inika armor piece stands out far too much, due to its color, his midsection is far too thin, the shoulders look extremely awkward, and the whole MOC in general just doesn't work well.

My advice is to use an Inika build due to its simplicity, or if you feel up to the challenge, build a better custom torso, one with better proportions, and a more consistent color scheme.

Nice bow though.

thanks im using the inika build for my new MOC and i am really suprised that the bow was the best part about this

New MOC Here