Var 'Art'

Just did a test drawing with a mouse... it was hard... and weird...

As you can tell I didn't try to shade or anything


You say 'test drawing with a mouse'.. Is this your first time drawing digitally or testing a mouse because you have a drawing tablet? If it's neither than you should buy a drawing tablet, specifically a Wacom Intuos medium (coz i recently purchased one and holy geez, its great).

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I can see his face as a meme.

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His face is very...expressive.

When Var sees Kahi eat a day old pizza. No joke he said thats what his face looked like, nice one!


Quickly did this whilst listening to podcast 243

This is how I imagine their faces looking whilst arguing about the matoran height.

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This face has given me an idea...

Do elaborate!

I don't tend to draw digitally, I don't have the money to buy a tablet so I decided to mess around with a mouse

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Very niceu, Joel-chan.

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Arigato I guess?

true art

but I thought Picasso was dead

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Not trying is the road to success

-me, just now

You shall see, in time.

If I remember...

Me too.