Var zone

more nonsensical vidyo.


I thought this was going to be the Danger Zone
I am not Disappointed

This is far too funny someone please help me I’ve fallen down the meme hole and can’t get up

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This is glorious XP

Pretty normal vid.

Quantum Depression through the Nth Dimension


I lose it at the Mardi Gras part.

This is what I would do if a had an infinite amount of Vars.

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I don’t even know how to respond to this.
Replacing me in that one pic with a drawing of Var was a nice touch though.


That was truly amazing

Got a great song for Turbo Depressed.

Just loop the Gif and look at the magic.

Best video I’ve seen all day today. The Mardi Gras part especially had me laughing a lot.

This is certainly something…

We have discovered Varsthetic

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That was hilarious. Great job

Wow, my life is officially complete.