Varderan, Toa of Waterchickens MOC

It was only a matter of time. Today, I present to you the legendary Toa of Waterchickens himself, Varderan!

With his saw of analsys, and his chaingun of Brooklyn rage, Varderan is ready to Shrek house!

Varderan without his swag.

Side view.

Back view.

As you can see, the saw of analsys can be stored on his back.

Varderan using the saw of analsys.

"Cutting through Bionicle piece by piece!"-Varderan

Here he is with his chaingun of Brooklyn rage. This is what happens when people leave anonymous messages to BZP staff members.

The chaingun of Brooklyn rage from all angles. I added a gear function on the back that allows you to spin the barrel.
What do you guys think?


Pretty cool moc, though the grey in the torso kinda sticks out to me, but the rest is nice+plus that 10/10 chaingun.

Looking nice and big! Not too sure about the System parts on the torso though...

I'll probably change them to white soon enough.

I like it although I would upgrade the chest. Also chain gun, so awesome!

Not bad. The bit with Eljay was hilarious.

Gotta love references!

Update 1: The Torso
You guys wanted it, and I made it.

There. I did it.


Not bad. I especially like the minigun

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It's a reference to the Eljay Fanfic.

You said "Eljay" and also "Fanfic"... I'm already frightened, and vaguely offended.


"thou shalt not interfere with the fanfics" -Political_Nuju, 2014

nothing against you guys but DANG you come with some weird stuff XD

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no one must know of the events of that place
that wretched place
run chro
run for the hills

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I have zero intent of ever reading this "Eljay Fanfic" but if I'm honest with you the term "waterchickens" seems to imply some questionable humor.

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oh, it derived from
nevermind, without reading its...just wierd sounding
I wish kyoryu was here
at least he could say random things and people were okay with it

This is actually pretty nice, your additions to the chest really help this MoC, and you balanced my colors nicely (people tend to put too much black, when the majority of my MoC is white, or should I say the armor itself is typically white.)

...not sure if I should be offended or not by that title though.



for that last part you should haha

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I didn't come up with the "Waterchickens" part in the Eljay fanfic. Forgot who did, though.

Much better! :smile: