Varrix, Toa of Blood

“Varrix the Manipulator, Varrix the Destroyer. His name shall be vilified ever onwards. His crimes are great, and many.”

((Things in bold are to do with the Cyclic Plane Storyline and aren’t canon.))

Varrix was a Toa of Ice from the island of Jamun who had once been a villager there. He was transformed into a toa after Jamun’s previous protector, Azmyrus, granted him his Toa Power. Both Azmyrus and Varrix travelled to Korrothis, Azmyrus to become a toa teacher and Varrix to train, under him and others.

During his training, the Onu-Nui, Reglas, came to him and asked for help with a project he was working on. This turned out to be an experiment with a Great Being artefact called The Soulforge. The Soulforge transformed Varrix’s elemental powers to Iodine.

Varrix was annoyed, since he was nearly finished with his training, and now his element had changed he had to go through most of that process again, speaking with more elemental lords and instructors. He showed skill and power, however, and was invited to join the Archons of Air under the Le-Nui, Wakanhi.

What’s more, with his Mask of Charisma, he was found to be very important for Korrothis, and was asked to help negotiations all over the Matoran Universe. This all kept him away from his home island though, which he wanted to get back to more than anything.

When the Brotherhood of Makuta sent Makuta Forhax to Jamun, Varrix objected, but was silenced by the Kra-Nui, Nivorn, who was Forhax’s friend. As the corruption of the Brotherhood became more and more evident, and tales of Forhax’s experiments reached the shores of Korrothis, Varrix grew more and more uncumfortable with his home island’s state of affairs. Azmyrus, now Ko-Nui shared his view, though the other elemental lords would not be convinced that Varrix needed to be sent there. Forhax was doing a “good job” of protecting Jamun.

After a small war between the Zephry (Forhax’s created rahi) and the matoran of Jamun broke out, Varrix left the island to help, but was called back by Wakanhi before he could do so. He and his Mask of Charisma were desperately needed on Xia. Relations had deteriorated after Kana, an Archon of Earth had killed Xia’s director of industry and gone rogue. While matoran died on his home island, Varrix was forced to deal with the stupidity of the Vortixx industrialists.

By this point convinced that the Wakanhi was keeping him from his home island on purpose, Varrix’s thoughts turned to bitterness and plotting. He conspired with Azmyrus, using his mask to warp Azmyrus’ will, and plotted the murder of the Le-Nui. When this happened, it was Azmyrus that did the deed. After realising what he had done, he took his own life.

The deaths of Wakanhi and Azmyrus triggered a massive Weavestorm across the entire Matoran Universe. The elements were out of balance and going haywire. Anyone with elemental powers, especially those of Air, Ice, Fire or Earth, became sick or hurt themselves with their power. Ta-Matoran erupted into fireballs in the streets. Le-Matoran lost their energy and fell into comas, and more than half of Korrothis’ archons were put out of action. Varrix returned home and tried his best to save the matoran on his home island afftected by the disaster he had caused.

Ia, Lianyu and Soleku called the missing toa Gringat and Xalos in a desperate attempt to fix the Weavestorms, and in doing so Gringat and Xalos sacrificed much of themselves and became the Le-Nui and Ko-Nui. Balance was restored, but the death toll was high.

Varrix’s part in the plot was discovered some weeks later, when Ia and Xalos discovered Azmyrus’ spirit haunting Korrothis’ Northern coastline. Varrix was taken by Botar and sent to The Pit. Krikitt, a new Archon of Air, was later assigned to Jamun.

After the Great Cataclysm, Varrix escaped from the Pit and approached the matoran of Mahri Nui, though they did not trust him. He gained the nickname “Toa of Blood”, because of the iodine dissolving red around him in the water wherever he went, though he was not an actual Toa of “Blood” (if anything he qualified as a Toa of “Acid”)

After the Reformation of Spherus Magna, Varrix delved into the flooded depths of the Matoran Universe in an attempt to find Jamun again, but was killed by rahkshi.

Varrix was made in 2011 and was one of my most popular MOCs.

The Skrall and Stronius parts were used because of the black, rocky aesthetic which resembles Iodine in solid form. Iodine sublimes straight from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid, so he has pipes, tanks and a rebreather as well.
The section about being in the Pit and the squid launcher are an allusion to the fact that Iodine is found most abundantly in the ocean.

The mask is a custom design by me. The armour parts on the sides of the head are attached only by the axle going through Varrix’s head.

Varrix was also the first of my MOCs to use the torso design I now tend to overuse for all my male MOCs. Gringat, Tolus, Tenum, Lianyu, Krikitt, Atar, Jarrokh, Keos, Hcaet Drawde, Ozahkura and Ahryz all use it too.



I really like his helmet. :smile:

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This MOC is awesome, dude! I like how you made him look more like he’s wearing a suit of armor rather than it being attached to his body.
I feel that this MOC could benefit from having a little more purple evenly distributed on him, namely on the legs.

Overall though, great MOC!


While I feel the purple could be further distributed into the legs, I love the look of him overall and the rocky textures of his armor


I Beated you to the Blood Toa long time ago
Wait 2011!
Well I beated you to it on the Boards


The story was enough to make me appreciate this creation, kudos.


Hehe, Varrix isn’t really a toa of blood. That’s just a nickname.


But it is Ironic that I used Stronius and Skrall pieces aswell

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Barraki squid launcher 0/10

/s this is great

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I don’t believe I’ve said this, but when I first saw you on the boards and saw everyone freaking out about how famous you were for moccing, I sorta thought “Oh great. Another one of these guys.”
But then I looked at your mocs…
And my jaw actually smashed through the floor, knocking out my elderly downstairs neighbor. He was later transported to the hospital.

Once again, everything looks freakin awesome. The colors are awesome, the textures are constant throughout, the weapon is… Something I need instructions for, and overall, the moc looks really solid. My one complaint would be in regards to the thighs. They’re a tad too thin, but if that’s the look you were going for, more power to ya.


The weapon is literally just tyres around bushings around an axle :wink: The heads are the same build as Stronius’ mace in set form.

And, um, thank you :smiley:
As the last 3 minutes of my birthday dwindle away, this has been a wonderful way to finish up. :3


I really love how you used those skralls and stronius’s helmets, never thought about it.
The whole design is superb, and that weapon… a double mace? Seems a bit brutish for a negotiator.
Also, I really liked the explaination about why he’s a “Toa of Blood”, really clever.

Minor complaint: I think you should try to cover the upper part of the head, cause to me it looks like he’s wearing a rebreather instead of a mask


The mask is part rebreather :wink:
But yeah. I get what you mean. I did try putting something there, but, eh. He has a bald patch. :3


Really awesome!

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this site needs a favourite button

You can always make a list of your favourites yourself~ XD

Incredible as always :+1:

Sweet weapon.

This guy is really groovy. Be prepared for a lot of that in the next couple of minutes.

The colors are just groovy.
I like the way those shield things look.
I like the helmet thing, a lot.
I like the jet pack things.
I like the hands.
that DIRE MACE (if that’s what it’s name is) is legit as heck.
Please tell me the Barraki squid launcher isn’t his real ranged weapon.
Is that a pink piece on his torso?
I find it funny, I have never spent this much time trying to find a red or blue pin.

Over all a really groovy MOC man. I do not have much complaints with it. I’m debating whether I should post a GIF or not.

There’s no pink on him, though he does have trans-red parts tucked away here and there.

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