Ved's Wacky Lab Adventures: #5 It's a Small World

King Ved= Black, White, Black
Ant-Man= Gray, Red, Gray
Almighty= Green, Black, White

Hope you guys enjoyed see you on the next one.


Green/grey text on red speech bubbles hurts the eyes, so would change that in future comics. While it looks alright on the larger images when selected, when scrolling through as most normally would, its difficult to tell what the green/grey text says as it hurts to look at the speech bubbles. As long as the speech bubble is pointing towards the person speaking, then we can tell who it is coming from easy enough so you dont need to worry about the colors.

Would also run text through a basic spell checker, as there were a few spelling errors such as in the first text bubble - doesnt really detract from the comic but it can lose meaning if the spelling isnt understood. There is a blurry image and an image where the lighting changed, but i think thats alright considering you’re making this for fun.

I like the idea of representing the Ant-Man figures as small tile pieces though. There is an Ant-Man figure, though admittedly there isnt a variant you could use for King Ved so it works for now. The comic strip’s story actually works rather well, they go small, have issues with the suit so have to visit a different character to use his machine to get large again.

Overall, other than the speech bubble issue, i like the comic :slight_smile:

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