Veimah, Toa of Gravity

Name: Veimah
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Element: Gravity
Kanohi: Shelek
Personality: Introverted
Title: “Traitor”

A massive and powerful machine that allows Veimah to move around quickly and attack powerfully. The front two legs are equipped with dual gravity blasters, that can shoot out blasts of gravity to knock over or even launch opponents.

She’d rather lurk around dark places and wait for a devastating first strike, than have a out right conflict. Using her mask she silences her deafens her prey to ensure the lethal strike.
She does this by embedding her front legs into a victim and launching a great blast of gravity into them to tear them apart.

This does not mean she’s useless in normal combat however her Battle-mech is powerful and agile, and she uses it to intimidate her opponent by its sheer size.

Her body was severely weakened by an accident involving Toa Vahiro, this made her body weak and fragile.
Blaming Vahiro for ruining her body she went rouge and wants to destroy him.

Not being able to use her own body, she trained extensively with her powers of gravity, but simple elemental abilities would not be enough, she had to create something to restore her strength, and also make her stronger than any normal Toa.

She can be easily detached from the suit.

And all you have to do is add this armor plate to hide the connection points.

Heres how the inner workings work.
It was really fun to make :relaxed:

Here’s a hight comparison with my selfmoc.

And here’s a slideshow with her theme for anyone that wants to hear edgy music :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thats all I got for now, this Moc is about a month of focused working and I’m really proud of her, though I’m not entirely finished, I plan to make the back legs similar to the middle ones to keep her more stable.
Tell me what you think of the Moc and I still want feedback on the whole description thing I’m trying.


So is this like Dr. Octopus where the tentacle backpack is used for all of her mobility and other motor functions, and the body is functionally useless?

Anyway, this is amazing. Not much else I can say about it. I’d love some instructions.

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Similar, in the original post I said she’s more like iron spider, and everyone else said doc ock. She can use her body but her strength is a bit more than a normal human, and the average Toa can lift more ton.

And the reason I say she’s more like iron spider is that the legs can’t articulate like Ock’s
But she’s totally like Ock :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much, this thing is a nightmare to take apart and put back together due to all the moving parts, but the core is actually kinda simple so I may be able to do it, the limbs are as simple as they look too.

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So by toa standers, her body id functionally useless.

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I could understand people saying this resembles doc ock, but given the colors, tentacle placement(from the front at least), and the fact it’s female, I say this moc reminds me more of laughing octopus from mgs4.


Huh I didn’t know that existed, that’s really similar!

It’s more the concept than anything. It just so happens that Ock is the most well known example.


Not bad, the suit is the definite draw, looking very imposing and well designed.


I like how the Battle Mech gives off a threatening stance, in contrast to Veimah’s small, fragile body.
It looks good overall.

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The colour scheme is kinda boring and generic :P
The rest isn’t to bad though.


that mech thing is creepy as heck

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I like the exo-suit’s legs a lot!


Motor functions are brain things for coordination :stuck_out_tongue:

Big fan of the MOC. Not very complex, and the design isn’t fantastic, but thematically it’s solid and the Toa herself is actually kinda cute in a bizarre way. Well done.

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Oh my.

How did you even managed to do this

#####It’s incredible.

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About a month of testing out designs that could support weight, and a lot of failing :wink:

I really like the suit, but I feel that the central body is a bit plain.


Central body as in the Toa or the mech’s body?

Love the design on this dude!

This is really cool

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The Toa.