Velika's victims?

I know, you might not remember now, but I wanted to ask you. Who would Velika kill other than people we know about if story progressed naturally? And if you don’t remember, who would you see as potential victims personally nowadays?


Well, as far as power players are concerned, I would think that the Shadowed One would be on his hit list, being that he’s:

  1. The leader to powerful MU faction that’s about to get a lot bigger now that he plans to unite as much of the scum and villainy of Spherus Magna as possible under his command.
  2. An intimidating combatant that managed to face Teridax and live to tell the tale.
  3. Has an inert McGuffin in his possession.

Also, he’ll probably be going after Melding Universe Teridax (especially after his doppelgänger has been shown to be able to topple a universe ruler and all).