Ven getting replaced on MOC Spotlight?

It’s been 2 months since Venom made an spotlight video; analysis around the internet, the recent The Lime Joint podcast had Eljay mention he will meed to this series in the future and from this post:

If this is so, what is to expect to change in terms of mental attribute and geograph. (I would also include of what moc you’ll choose, but thats all selective opinions/high Patreon payment that was removed.)

Maybe he actually is trying to take over TTV. Albeit slowly and patiently.

All hail the empire!


Eljay doing the Moc spotlight! Can’t wait to see this. Or to see more “constructive critisism” from Eljay. Yay!!! I think that I might be too happy about this…

lol nope not anymore


I revoke this comment